Less Than a Truckload

The modality of FTL “Less than Truckload” is for those shipments that do not require a Full Truckload (FTL). Our experienced team is ready to handle all steps required to ensure your final destination successfully. If you need to transport a small quantity of pallets, LTL is your best option. Common carriers and contract carriers are negotiated by our team, to ensure our customers will receive a cost-effective handling of the fright. We provide all of our customers with immediate quotes that outcome our competition.
If your freight has the following characteristics, it qualifies to be shipped as an LTL with our network of common carriers:
  • 12 feet or less
  • Weigh less than 7,000 lb. in total, and weigh less than 3500 lb. per piece
  • Total cube may less than 250cft •Non-guaranteed standard service
The required information for an online quote:
  • Origin ZIP Code (or City and State)
  • Destination ZIP Code (or City and State)
  • Number of Pallets, and or Dimensions
  • Commodity (What type of Product)
  • Weight