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With over 12,000 different agencies dedicated to the business of logistics, it has easily become one of the most competitive industries on a global level. This can quickly become confusing for the client who seeks the most budget-friendly service without sacrificing the highest level of service and quality.

After pioneering global logistics for over 20 years, we have identified key differentiators that are WTS’ competitive advantage:

1. Incomparable Customer Service.

The “low-cost route” is an effective way to attract first-time shippers.  At WTS we maintain client relationships through superior customer service, a second to none attention to detail that far outweighs other providers.

Availability for our clients must – and always will be – a 24-hour commitment.

 2. Sense of Urgency.

Shipping issues arise daily. Our talented Logistics Team is trained and ready to demonstrate their dedication by their immediate response to challenges with efficient solutions. There is nothing more important than the on-time execution of our client’s shipments.

3. Multilingual Staff.

As a South Florida based Third Party Provider, we interact with a large multicultural community. Because of this, our staff is comprised of multilingual employees in all key departments: Sales, Operations & Customer Service. Communication is key to the successful exchange of information – and efficient strategic coordination.

4. Personalized Attention to Detail.

Every client is one-of-a-kind. Our responsibility is to ensure that their account, regardless of how uncommon the request, is brought to successful completion. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little EXTRA. Adaptability, flexibility and going the extra mile ensures extraordinary client relationships.

The world of logistics challenges us with continued changes and inspires us to adapt to new market needs, expanding our service portfolio and implementing new technologies to continue to provide an enjoyable, top-notch customer experience.

For World Transportation Services, it is a privilege and an honor to be part of your team.

by Manuel Dreyfus
President & CEO | World Transportation Services

Manuel Dreyfus President and CEO World Transportation Services