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The holiday season is around the corner, and freight shipping becomes a big challenge for suppliers and carriers. Users not only experience increasing rates, but common carriers get over capacity, face road closures and unexpected weather conditions.

If you are planning on shipping freight during holidays, below you will find a list of possible scenarios you might want to consider and a few tips that will help you develop the right shipping strategy.

1. Weather conditions

Anticipate longer transit times and higher shipping rates. Most drivers will have to limit not only their working hours but also speed. Accidents and road closures will force motor carriers to use alternative routes affecting transit times. 17 percent of all vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions. Comprehension and consciousness will keep everyone safe and a freight properly delivered.

2. Carriers’ holiday schedule

Most common carriers will work on a skeleton crew during the holiday season. Throughout this time of the year, some service centers and terminals will limit their operation, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year. Plan your shipping needs based carriers’ adjusted holiday hours.

3. Expedited freight

One good option that helps shippers preparing for holidays, is to accelerate orders and do expedited shipments. This is becoming a common practice as freight get delivered earlier than expected. Bear in mind that this is subject to actual weather conditions and delivery dates could be affected.

4. Freeze and packaging protection

The use of thermal blankets can protect your freight from freeze and these could be provided as an accessorial by your preferred carrier. Now, if you are using open deck trailers, make sure all pieces are securely tightened and tarped to avoid rust, mold or more serious damages.


If you have an emergency or any of your shipments becomes critical during the holiday season, you can always reach out to the WTS Emergency Response Team which will be available 24/7.

by Maggie Rodriguez
Customer Service Manager World Transportation Services

Holiday Freight Shipping